Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Snow Mound

Today we woke up to a beautiful snowy wonderland.  There was enough snow out there that Dave needed to snowblow before he headed to work.  Before he left he told us that the snow seemed to be good packing snow and perfect for making a snowman.

The last few snowstorms that we had brought only very fluffy snow.  It was great to make snow cream with, and to play with, but not so good for packing. We were hopeful that this time would be different, so after breakfast we got dressed and headed out only to discover that it was not really good packing snow after all. A traditional snowman was clearly not our future.

We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Looks like so much fun. We live in New England also but all we got was drizzle.

  2. Drizzle?! That's a bummer! Hopefully there will be some snow coming your way soon so that you and the kids can have a fun snowy day! Being a life long New Englander (I grew up in CT and moved to MA after college graduation) I have always loved the snow, especially when it's newly fallen and the world looks beautiful and peaceful! All four seasons in New England are pretty spectacular but I suppose I am rather biased! ;)