Thursday, January 7, 2010

Naptime Fun

I should have known that by the girls and I sleeping until 7:00am today that it would mean that neither of them would nap this afternoon. Given how fussy Em was when we were out running errands, and how crabby both girls were throughout lunch, I thought for sure I would get a lovely few hours to myself as I usually do.  Sadly, it was not to be.  I headed upstairs more times than I could count to settle both girls down and put them back in their respective sleeping areas.  Finally, at 2:30pm I could take it no more.  I deemed them done, brought them downstairs, gave them a snack and set about figuring out what we would spend the afternoon doing.

We had snack while watching TV. 

Grace played with her new doll house.
It came with three people.
That is grandma. 

                                                     This one is Grace.

And this one is Mommy. 

I discovered that Emma had gone upstairs to their room.
She was reading some of her favorite books.

I love that it's upside down!

Finally, we decided to put on a movie.  The girls chose Charlotte's Web. 
The one with Dakota Fanning.  If you have not seen it, we highly recommend it! 
I love that it's set in New England.  I love that they stayed true to the book. 
I love that it teaches you to look for the ordinary miracles in your daily life. 



Click on the words below to see the music video:
Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLachlan from Charlotte's Web

All in all, not a bad way to pass the time!

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