Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Princess Grace and The Divine Miss Em's Tea Party

The girls had their first real tea party today!  For sometime they have been having pretend tea parties, ones where no food or drink was present.  Now that Em is older it seemed like it was time to introduce them to the joys of holding a tea party complete with "tea".  Santa, in all his wisdom, brought them a tea set for Christmas.  One that is safe for food and liquids to be used in, and even better, it's BPA free!  What a cool guy to bring a "green" gift for the girls!  They donned their favorite outfits, and with a little explanation ("yes, there really is liquid in the tea pot and yes, you really can take turns pouring it") the tea party got underway.  The teapot was filled with water several times, animal crackers, Cinnamon Life and craisins were in bowls, although not much of the food was consumed, and lots of water ended up on the table!  The pictures below tell the wondrous whole story. 



  1. Hell-o Grace & Emma ~~~ What a lovely first "real" tea party you had this day! I look forward to "getting fancy" and having tea with you both someday soon....I will bring a plate of little cookies to the table :) Love & Hugs from my house to your house XOXO

  2. Dear Grandma,
    We can't wait to have a tea party with you! We miss you lots!
    Princess Grace and The Divine Miss Em