Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pneumonia, and Ear Infections and Nebulizers! Oh My!

All week long Grace has had a cough. It was nothing that was overly concerning, just one of those annoying coughs that seems to come with winter.  We would give her some honey when she needed it and then she would happily return to playing or head to bed.

Last night all that changed.  I heard her coughing throughout the night, and around 4:00am she had a huge coughing fit that ended with her calling for me.  From that point on we were both pretty much awake and she was consistently coughing.  She came and snuggled with us in bed and we all tried (albeit rather unsuccessfully) to get back to sleep.

I called the girls pediatrician promptly at 8:00am and easily got a 9:30am appointment. We had breakfast, got dressed and headed to Weston.

It didn't take the doctor but a minute to discover that she had a massive ear infection!  Who knew?  Grace never mentioned that her ear hurt. The only problem that she mentioned was her cough.  I was shocked to say the least. Quickly after her ear infection diagnosis came the diagnosis of pneumonia.

We are now the proud owners of a nebulizer and she has been prescribed amoxicilin for her ear infection.  A fun new Max & Ruby DVD made everything even better!

With the craziness of the day I never did get the ingredients for our soup into the crock pot tonight.  Instead we had breakfast for dinner! Somehow pancakes just seemed like a much better choice after the rather busy day we had.
Here's to hoping for a good nights sleep for everyone.
We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Hope she is feeling better soon. What a big illness for a little girl.

  2. Thanks Rosemarie. So far it's been pretty peaceful in their room. Hopefully it will stay that way, although I have a feeling she'll be up at some point. If she gets up we'll give her a neb treatment to help her get through the rest of the night. What a day it has been!